2017 Quilts

For me, finishes can be of the flimsy variety as well as the entirely-quilted-and-bound variety. Mostly I make quilt tops (flimsies) and occasionally find the time and/or resources to quilt them. Let me know what you like - sometimes I sell them!

#1 ~ My January UFO finish is this kit called 19th Century Reds. I'd previously made all the blocks, and the sashing had been cut out. I had this finished by Jan 7. 

#2 ~ My first start-to-finish quilt of the year was Elizabeth. This quilt is one that took a good bit of fussing and planning, but the results make all so worth it. Pattern by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilts. Fabrics are all Moda - mostly French General and 3 Sisters.

#3 ~ The February UFO is called Lorraine; I had the center together and held off finishing because I couldn't decide what to do about borders. Since I wanted to use just American Jane fabrics, I was limited in my options. I ended up with a blue from an older line mixed in with Lorraine and Savonnerie. It was finished on Feb. 9.

#4 ~ Baby Quilt for Emma's College Friend ~ The baby shower is in April and Emma wanted to continue the tradition of giving a quilt. She bought the fabric mostly in Athens, but selected a few pieces from my stash, found an inspiration pic on Pinterest, and so we went to work. I finished it on my own in late Feb.

#5 ~  I turned a flimsy from 2013 (?) into a quilt when I had Bradford Star quilted at Terry's. We sent this quilt off to my brother- and sister-in-law who live in Lecanto,FL.

#6 ~ The March UFO was Small Tumblers. I had a mish-mash of tumblers in a tub; some were sewn together, some were just stacked up. Early in March I put the top together, and then spent about 10 days trying to figure out borders. I ended up with pastel purple inner borders and a gorgeous floral outer border. i am quite pleased with this flimsy.

#7 ~ A little quilt top became a finished quilt top after hearing Corey Yoder speak on March 18 at Old Town Fabric Shop. This wasn't on my radar when the month began; I am thrilled to have a finish. This is made with remnants of an older project. I used 4 colors for big-stitch quilting.

#8 ~ 9-Patch Strippy - I began making 9-patch blocks by hand just to have something to do when I was unable to be at the machine. The fabrics in these 9-patches are all scraps. After a good number of blocks had piled up, I needed to figure out what to do next with them. The strippy setting has always been a pleaser for me, and the two fabrics I used were in my stash, so this is an entirely stash- and scrap-created quilt top. Finished the flimsy on April 22 for the April UFO.

#9 ~ Navy Monkey Wrench ~ The blocks were all hand-stitched back when we were going to track and XC meets. I put the center of the top together but found that I did not have enough suitable navy for a border. I found what I needed in Terry's stash sale last fall, so this was easy to finish for the May UFO.

#10 ~ Swoon ~ Begun in the spring, it took me until early July to get the final 2 blocks made and then sew together the quilt top. Made of random Kaffe Fassett blues.

#11 ~ Wishes, my July UFO, finished on July 25. I began it as a quilt-along in 2014; had just two blocks to make along with the borders.

#12 ~ Shirley and Elizabeth's Quilt ~ Shirley gave me the parts for Elizabeth's quilt back in the winter, but I didn't get around to working on it steadily until June/July. I delivered it on July 21.

#13 ~ Gale/Leisure Quilt ~ Worked on this commission in the summer. Delivered in early August.

#14 ~ Callahan Quilt ~ This came to me as a quilt top; the maker was soon to be turning 90 or so, and the daughter wanted to present this finished as a surprise. I repaired a few spots, had it quilted, and did the binding by hand. Delivered in August.

#15 ~ Baby Wyatt Schmidt Quilt ~ Wyatt was born in January; I began this in March; I quilted it in September. Maybe he will get his quilt by the end of the year. *smh* (Big brother Cade's quilt.)

#16 ~ Baby Parker Davis Quilt ~ I began this quilt in March, the same month Parker was born; the fabric is all leftover from his older sister Jackie's baby quilt; they are using the same nursery, so the colors still work; I quilted it in September; to be delivered.

#17 ~ Baby Robert Schrader Quilt ~ Robert was born in July, the third child in the family. His two older sisters (Nora and Cecelia) have quilts made especially for them , but in typical 3rd child fashion, Robert gets a quilt I had on hand. The deep-sea-themed fabric called Neptune relates to the Schraders as they enjoy scuba diving; it may be a stretch in calling this suitable for a baby quilt, but there you have it. Made the quilt top in 2016; quilted this September. To be delivered.

#18 ~ Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt - started so many years ago; the original is double this size, but I just couldn't make myself do more. So it's a nice square couch quilt.This was my September UFO, finished on Sept. 29.

#19 ~ Flag Day Farm Medallion Quilt ~ Ten years after buying that center panel, I have finally made the quilt as I always envisioned it; this was supposed to be finished in June as my UFO for that month, but I missed that deadline. Finished on September 29, just a couple months late.

#20 ~ Emma's Woodlands Baby Quilt ~ gift for Geoffrey's sister.

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